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Appointment Control
Electronic Documents
Capture of
Statistics and reports


Our portfolio of services includes, among others

Custom development of products and components
Application management and software development
Analysis and Design of solutions
Optimization and quality of applications

Your company have established themselves without having a tool that helps them in producing documents that allows you to generate reports, or use programs like MS-Office to generate documents or have theirs on paper.

We have the tools that allows you to generate and store any electronic document quickly, economically and securely from a PC or a mobile.

E-mail & SMS

Email and text messages are the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers.

Send automatic schedule automatic sending of congratulations by special dates, appointment reminders or payments.

Hosting Domain &
Web Site

You do not have your website yet.

A company with no presence on the WEB, It is a company that does not exist.
We manage the creation and administration of your website.

Reach more customers, your new customers are searching through the web

Data Entry

All your customers' information is written on paper.

Do not worry our typists will put it at your disposal in our tools quickly.

You will no longer have to find the information in those mountains of paper, find everything you need with a click

Custom Software

Our experience allows us to design and create any application.

You have an idea, or you need to automate some process. Call us we give life to that idea


Our experience allows us to offer our customers current and new computational tools easy to use and understand.
These tools allow companies or independent professionals to generate their own documents and send them via e-mail quickly
This without the need to install software or have advanced computer skills
Our system makes it easy to organize, monitor and streamline the preparation of electronic documents:

Customization of Documents

✔  Invoicing
✔  Quotes
✔  Work orders
✔  Contracts
✔  Payments
✔  Timesheets
✔  Labour costs
Job Forms
✔  Purchase Orders
✔  Inventory
✔  Projects
✔  Scheduling

Other advantages that could be included

Imagen que muestra un scanner leyendo un codigo de barras
✔  Weekly timesheet
✔  Reading of barcode
✔  Integration with PayPal
✔  Client management
✔  Employees management
✔  Email reminders
✔  Customer location map
✔  Job history
✔  Save Project Pictures
✔  Route optimization

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